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14 June 2025 @ 05:29 pm
Semi-friends only + Introduction post  


Header and SFO Banner credit goes to me @ random_abstract

An introduction, maybe? ^^

You can call me: Nika, Nika-chan, Nikattun, Kristyn (or whatever you like..)
Full Name: Kristyn Nika
Birthdate: Aug. 16, 1992
Location: Philippines
Height: 168cm
Blood Type: O+
Hobbies: Sleeping, singing, dancing, fangirling ^^, watching Jdramas(not some random TV shows XD I barely watch TV now, just movies and dramas worth watching), listening to jpop music(KAT-TUN, NewS, Arashi, Hey! Say! JUMP, E-Girls and flumpool), Photoshop-ing XD and playing musical instruments
A fan of / Interests: JE *PERIOD* XD no, not period. I recently knew flumpool and I'm addicted to them ♥ especially YamaRyu after watching Totsuzen Desu ga, Ashita Kekkon Shimasu. LOL and a lot more (just as long as it's jap stuff XD).

Anyone can add me as long as they are HUMANS not aliens.. XD LoL! *jkjk* ANDANDAND! Make sure you can get along with my moody-ness! XD LoL I don't bite *swears* ♥

For those who have the same interests as mine, I'll be really thankful if you'd add me (please, don't hesitate to do so ^^;)

So yah, more 'bout me, I'm already a graduating (4th year) Journalism student in University of Santo Tomas in the Philippines and I really do hope to graduate soon. I do love writing and reading stories and I sometimes do like studying ^^; (but if I'm sleepy, don't expect me to listen to the teacher~ =D). I know how to play the guitar(my fave guitar, Charlie. RIP Charlie. My guitar's broken a long time ago D= I have a new guitar now, but I refuse to rename it due to attachment reasons. :P but we got along just fine.), lyre, flute and a lil bit of piano. I'm totally into Japanese stuff and music. I love music. Music is life. I cannot live without it. And generally, I'm into Johnny's Entertainment talents as well as the Juniors. ♥ *bricked* Oh yah, that's all.. Enough for my talking cause I do become talkative at times (especially when fangirling~)

UPDATE: I already finished college now, and am working as a business reporter for The Manila Times (an English daily in the Philippines). Being a reporter takes out all the fangirling time, thus the minimal visitation and updates here in LJ. I am still the same person as described above, but just older (and fatter ^^;). I still love to do the things above, but I think I'm more into covers and songwriting now, and jamming with friends if I have time off work. Despite being a reporter, my dream is to really become a novelist and/or songwriter. ♥
(If you want, you can check out my soundcloud for my [not-so-serious] covers HERE)

**If you're already reading this much, I thank you. Because you're not some dumb-ass who would add people as their friends for nothing. ^^ Thank you *bows*

Oh yeah, before I end this, I would like to acknowledge someone very special... And that is GOD, my Savior and my God. ♥ I love HIM.

If you want to know some of me more, CLICK HERE ^_____=

But if you want to know much more about me, ^^ you can befriend me, of course. ^^ I would love that. Just don't expect much about me, okay? ^^ I'm not that "great" but I'll try to be a good friend. ^___^

EDIT: I wanted to repeat this again, those who added me randomly and are not able to even say just a little "Hi" here in my intro post shall not be added.

Oh well, that's all... Hope we become friends! ♥ Yoroshiku! *bows*


Comment to be added.. ♥ 
(a comment is such a love and it only takes less than a minute to do so. Thanks! ^_^)
NOTE: All of my future graphics will be posted on random_abstract . So this journal would contain updates and details about my life. Old graphics and fics can be browsed here in TAGS. ^^
Location: at my seat
Mood: coldcold
Music: flumpool - Hoshi ni Negai wo
chynn23: ryo chan hotchynn23 on January 1st, 2010 04:21 am (UTC)
AkeOme! :D
atashi mou~ i felt really happy whenever i see them. especially as NEWS! (how i miss the 6 of them together~ <e).. ROFL.. sooo, you're a TegoMassu and KoyaShige shipper then? errr.. ughhhh.. T___T~ that's one questions i really have trouble answering until NOW! :)) you see, i really can't remember why i ended up taking Nursing. you see, during the time i was deciding on what course i should go to, t'was the "boom" of the Nursing profession in here ryt? so maybe i am influenced by thar. idk. but i'm ok in here now~ i'm starting to enjoy it although i'm starting to realized that it's a job with so much responsibilities. *__* wow~ Journalism! when i was in HS, that was one of my choices! i imagined myself standing in front of the camera reporting bits of stuffs. LMAO! and you, why did you decided for that course? :D
Nika: Pi&tesshi-bang!nikattun on January 5th, 2010 02:15 pm (UTC)
:D yeah.. ^^ kinda. :D Cause I love Tesshi-niichan and Massu when they are together (and not to mention, my niichan with Pi is kewl too :3) and KoyaShige, really, is love. <3

^^; yeah. It's great that you enjoy it now. :) Cause probably if I were in your shoes, I wouldn't appreciate it at all XD I don't like med courses. ^^ So much responsibilities and yeah, so much to study but so little salary (right?). :P Sorry for being like this :P

^^ Yeah. At first, I really want to take up Linguistics. But since I'm not able to pass UP's quota, I just took up Journalism in UST ^^; and yeah, it's great but we're still on the introduction stage though ^^; still not on hands on field yet XD

Uhm, actually, I took this course cause I love to write ^^; but now I'm starting to realize that writing should contain much effort too (sorry, ^^; but I'm a bit lazy when it comes to things *sighs*). So yeah, we need to read lots and lots of stuff and do critical reactions and arguments and so on. ^^ But so far, I'm enjoying it too :)<3 It's not bad actually. Just fine. :D

How your 2010 so far? Oh yeah, Happy New Year! :DDDD