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14 June 2025 @ 05:29 pm
Semi-friends only + Introduction post  


Header and SFO Banner credit goes to me @ random_abstract

An introduction, maybe? ^^

You can call me: Nika, Nika-chan, Nikattun, Kristyn (or whatever you like..)
Full Name: Kristyn Nika
Birthdate: Aug. 16, 1992
Location: Philippines
Height: 168cm
Blood Type: O+
Hobbies: Sleeping, singing, dancing, fangirling ^^, watching Jdramas(not some random TV shows XD I barely watch TV now, just movies and dramas worth watching), listening to jpop music(KAT-TUN, NewS, Arashi, Hey! Say! JUMP, E-Girls and flumpool), Photoshop-ing XD and playing musical instruments
A fan of / Interests: JE *PERIOD* XD no, not period. I recently knew flumpool and I'm addicted to them ♥ especially YamaRyu after watching Totsuzen Desu ga, Ashita Kekkon Shimasu. LOL and a lot more (just as long as it's jap stuff XD).

Anyone can add me as long as they are HUMANS not aliens.. XD LoL! *jkjk* ANDANDAND! Make sure you can get along with my moody-ness! XD LoL I don't bite *swears* ♥

For those who have the same interests as mine, I'll be really thankful if you'd add me (please, don't hesitate to do so ^^;)

So yah, more 'bout me, I'm already a graduating (4th year) Journalism student in University of Santo Tomas in the Philippines and I really do hope to graduate soon. I do love writing and reading stories and I sometimes do like studying ^^; (but if I'm sleepy, don't expect me to listen to the teacher~ =D). I know how to play the guitar(my fave guitar, Charlie. RIP Charlie. My guitar's broken a long time ago D= I have a new guitar now, but I refuse to rename it due to attachment reasons. :P but we got along just fine.), lyre, flute and a lil bit of piano. I'm totally into Japanese stuff and music. I love music. Music is life. I cannot live without it. And generally, I'm into Johnny's Entertainment talents as well as the Juniors. ♥ *bricked* Oh yah, that's all.. Enough for my talking cause I do become talkative at times (especially when fangirling~)

UPDATE: I already finished college now, and am working as a business reporter for The Manila Times (an English daily in the Philippines). Being a reporter takes out all the fangirling time, thus the minimal visitation and updates here in LJ. I am still the same person as described above, but just older (and fatter ^^;). I still love to do the things above, but I think I'm more into covers and songwriting now, and jamming with friends if I have time off work. Despite being a reporter, my dream is to really become a novelist and/or songwriter. ♥
(If you want, you can check out my soundcloud for my [not-so-serious] covers HERE)

**If you're already reading this much, I thank you. Because you're not some dumb-ass who would add people as their friends for nothing. ^^ Thank you *bows*

Oh yeah, before I end this, I would like to acknowledge someone very special... And that is GOD, my Savior and my God. ♥ I love HIM.

If you want to know some of me more, CLICK HERE ^_____=

But if you want to know much more about me, ^^ you can befriend me, of course. ^^ I would love that. Just don't expect much about me, okay? ^^ I'm not that "great" but I'll try to be a good friend. ^___^

EDIT: I wanted to repeat this again, those who added me randomly and are not able to even say just a little "Hi" here in my intro post shall not be added.

Oh well, that's all... Hope we become friends! ♥ Yoroshiku! *bows*


Comment to be added.. ♥ 
(a comment is such a love and it only takes less than a minute to do so. Thanks! ^_^)
NOTE: All of my future graphics will be posted on random_abstract . So this journal would contain updates and details about my life. Old graphics and fics can be browsed here in TAGS. ^^
Location: at my seat
Mood: coldcold
Music: flumpool - Hoshi ni Negai wo
Nika: Pi&tesshi-bang!nikattun on November 21st, 2009 10:34 am (UTC)
O__________O W-O-W BB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
THE LONGEST COMMENT I'VE SEEN IN MY ENTIRE BROWSING IN LJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*cheers and dances and gets weird* ~~ O___o;; ~~ XDDD

ALL OF THEM ARE HAWT!!!! I AGREE TO THAT ^_____^v JE boys are just so...adorable. I can't find the so-right word, I guess ^^;
TEGOPI! *faints* I've been always wanting much love on their pairing! ^^ And oh, I've been seeing pictures of my Tesshi-niichan dressed in girly Santa outfit and Pi securely puts his hand around the cute Santa girl! I think it's in NEWS WPD DVD. Haven't watched it yet *looks down* *screams in rejoice* :DDDD I seriously love them!
I guess I'm going to need this formula to make you happier:

Takeru + Haruma = Overflowing joy for Sanjuu-bb! ♥♥♥

AND OH! Before I forgot.... THE ICON! *grins*
==> ♥♥♥ My love for Sanjuu ♥♥♥

Someone I like..? Hmm... I don't have...as of now XD pure JE, I guess. But to be honest, there's still someone special in my heart all throughout the years that passed by in our lives even though that person caused me sooooo much pain. That person is special...my first love. But I guess you'd find me real crazy and obsessed-like when you already have the knowledge of it ^^; Somehow, after almost 2 years, I'm still not over "her" =_______=; *sighs* And I dare not to fall in love at the moment...only for Kame, honestly. Seriously enough, I wanted to marry him for real. ^^; I might scare you with this, but yeah.. It's okay if you'll be scared of me after this.. ^^ After all, I'm crazy and weird as hell XD;

:D Yes, we should do that. Going to Japan with Sanjuu is soo nice! ♥ I would really love to try it! :)
WOW! SECOND YEAR! ^^ I'm a Journalism major ^^; nothing special, though =) What about you bb?

O_____O WOW! That's real HAWT! O_____O *drops jaw and unables to place it back on her rusty head* XDDDDD
OMG! NOW I REALLY CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU! ♥♥♥ I think I better start saving, too XD;;

^_____________^♥ *feels very much loved* You're giving me soooo much love bb. :D *hugs and never let go* ~ I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!! ♥ I guess your under my charm ^^; Don't worry, I don't have the intention to let you go because I so so love you! ^_____^v

hahas As for you, I want to hug you all the time of the day, seriously =D You're sooo kind and sweet. ♥

^_____^ *still not letting the hug go* ♥♥♥
Sanjuchanjuu on November 21st, 2009 09:07 pm (UTC)
HAHAHAH. gomen. i know my comment was like huge, i freaking wrote like an essay XDD
*gets crazy and wild and dances with her* but i guess when i talk to you i get so excited i just keep on typing and typing AHAHAH
♥ ♥

EXACTLY. omg i can never find the right word when i see them JE boys or i see Takeru or Haruma. i just go oh they are so hot or they are so adorable, but its just not enough to show how i feel! AHAH i hate when that happens. lol
I KNOW. tegopi is so cute. like Pi is always there for him. Its really adorable friendship. hes like a big brother to Tego. i just cant stop going AWWWWW when i see them together. SOOO CUTE MAN. i havent watched the WPD either =[ i cant buy the dvd anywhere so i have to wait until someone uploads it with subtitles. It sucks eh. what kind of fangirl am i? =[
HAHAHA. OMGGGGGGG I LOVE THAT FORMULA. I'm gonnna use that from now on XDDD i also wanna add Yamapi =DDD and Shun! but then it wont be a formula anymore HAHA
aww, you are so freakin cute man. you are like my lil sister <3 <3

AWWWWWWW. BB you are sooooo fucking cute *sorry about the language* XD but reallly. thanks so much for the icon! you showed your love my making the adorale icon and i did by putting it as my default. because it means SO much to me =D

Awwww. =[ baby im so sorry to hear about that it didnt work out with that someone special. maybe you can tell me more about the person in our lettters =D this way no one will know what we are talking about and u wont have to feel crazy and weird. ill tell you about my stoopid loveless stories too HAHAH. and trust me, HONESTLY you cant be more crazy and weird than me. im like the worst out there XD HAHAH lets both be crazy together. HAHA yeahh i'd rather fall in love with JE boys or takeharu ♥ ♥

YAYY. lets go to japan together. lets quickly save up money and run towards JE boys =DDD
oohhh omgg to be honest, one of my choices WAS journalism XDDD you are doing journalism that means you are special, lol cuz i wanted to do it too! HAHA i dont kno if that made any sense whatsoever. Im doing Bachelor of arts, and majoring in Psychology =D

haha trust me it was reallly hot. it gets hot here in edmonton too, but like only 30 degrees. but in india 45-47 degrees is jus too much. i used to think we all are gonna die from summer heat XD HAHAH how silly.
AWW I WANNNA SEE YOU TOOO, BB. yess start saving lol you never know what future has saved for us =D we might as well be meeting up one day!

baby you should feel loved, cuz you are so so cute and sweet. i love cute stuff and thats why i love youuu =D i swear you could be like my lil sister HAHAH. dont mind me XD *hugs her more* i dont wanna be let go of your hug either! im sucha huggy person anywayyy so might aswell HUGGGG!!
seriously, you are too cute for your own good. love you muchos. ♥ ♥